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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  February 1, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EST

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going. probably through mid- to late morning. this afternoon i think we'll see more sunshine. that will help boost temps into the mid- to upper 60s. right now some light rain and 51 being reported at reagan national. as you look at our doppler radar in motion, you'll see waves of rain. most of this is light. occasionally you see a little yellow or orange in there. see it back up toward our northwest. this is what we're talking about with the showers. locally up and down the i-95 corridor from around bwi, ellicott city, down through washington and coming to our south here approaching 95. more showers scattered about back through parts of the park, shenandoah valley, frederick. we had a batch of rain in southern maryland. that's moved toward the eastern shore. a quick look at temps. very mild. leesburg 47 one of the cold spots but most areas above 50. crazy. >> crazy but i am loving it. i think you're going to love what you have to hear about the traffic. good morning, everybody. things look great on the beltway, all around town and
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even on the north side where we have no troubles to report from college park, silver spring and bethesda. let's go live to 270 on the southbound side. if you're one of those that heads out of frederick early in the morning to get to work on time, i think you'll be okay. here's what it looks like at i- 70 and 270 and down the line past clarksburg and rockville and the point where the lanes divide. back over to the maps this time to the other side of town on the bw parkway and route 50, coming in from annapolis, into the northeast corridor you're fine. further south to the beltway near route 5, branch avenue, and take a live look there. if you're planning to head from here all the way down through oxon hill, the wilson bridge and into alexandria, everything is looking great. coming up in my next report, virginia roads. 5:11. back to you guys. we begin this morning with the latest from campaign 2012 as expected mitt romney has won the florida primary. >> easy win. cbs's daniel nottingham has the latest. >> reporter: a triumphant mitt
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romney thanked his supporters for a big victory in florida's republican primary. >> a competitive primary does not divide us. it prepares us and we will win. >> reporter: it is romney's second win and the largest delegate haul so far in the 2012 campaign. but it was an expensive campaign. romney and his supporters spent more than $14 million on tv ads to secure florida. it was a tough loss for newt gingrich who led in the polls here just last week. he says he's not giving up. >> we are going to contest every place and we are going to win and we will be in tampa as the nominee in august. >> reporter: voters said the economy was by far the most important issue in this race. according to exit polls, half of those who responded said foreclosures were a major problem in their area. recent debates were also a factor in their decisions. two-thirds said they helped to make up their minds. about a third of voters faulted romney and about a third
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faulted gingrich for running the most unfair campaign. rick santorum is already campaigning in nevada. he urged his opponents to stop attacking each other. >> what we saw in the last few weeks in the state of florida is not something that's going to help us win this election. >> if enthusiasm wins elections, we win hands down. >> reporter: ron paul also bypassed florida to concentrate on nevada and other caucus states. danielle nottingham, cbs news, tampa, florida. two of the nation's most prominent women health organizations are engaged in sort of a war ever words now. this all came out after susan g. komen, the country's leading breast cancer charity said it's now ending its relationship with planned parenthood. >> komen officials said they made the decision because congress is investigating the way planned parenthood spends the federal money it receives. a komen spokeswoman says the organization recently adopted a policy not to contribute money to groups that are under local, state or federal investigation. last year komen donated roughly
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$700,000 to 19 planned parenthood affiliates. the money was designated for breast cancer screenings and related services. they gave about $600,000 a year before. planned parenthood directors sekomen is giving into pressure from antiabortion groups. occupy protesters in mcpherson square can claim a small court victory. a federal judge ruled the government must notify the protesters if it plans to shut down their camp at mcpherson square. the judge also said the protesters must be given the opportunity to appeal any eviction plans. the group had been give an deadline to pick up their camping gear and be gone by noon yesterday but they never moved out and police never moved in. it's time to legalize gay marriage according to maryland governor martin o'malley. he testified before the general assembly yesterday hoping to build support for the bill he has to legalize same-sex marriage. o'malley chose to focus on aspects of the bill which would offer legal protections to children of gay couples, protections they are currently
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denied. >> it's not right and it is not just that the children of gay couples should have lesser protections than the children of other families in our state. >> despite protests from regionuous congregations outside the statehouse monday, the governor does have some support in religious communities. the bill differs from the one that was defeated last year. it specifically says no church would be forced to perform or recognize same-sex marriage. welcome back. it is 5 after 5:00. the temperature is 51 degrees. that says it all about this winter. it's been much milder compared to last year. but for some families keeping your home warm while paying all the other bills can be a challenge. >> now a program that is guaranteed to save you money is in force. delia goncales is live outside d.c. with the details you can't afford to miss. >> reporter: absolutely. good morning, mike, andrea. this is great news for folks in a really tough time.
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the county has $2.1 million from the department of energy for this particular program. now they're just looking for homeowners to take advantage of it. >> thank god i got involved to use the service. >> reporter: mary monte was expected to save thousands of dollars on her energy bill thanks to a free income based program with prince george's county. >> most of the measures that we do are made to be permanent measures. >> reporter: crews insulate pipes and ceiling gaps in the basement. they'll even insulate the ceiling. this blower door helps calculate their progress. the goal is to keep the outside air from creeping into your home and eventually your wallet. the program is guaranteed to save up to 35% on your heating costs. >> that's money you can have to put food on the table and do other things that meet their particular daily needs. >> we need to take advantage of what we can get to help us survive through the hard times. >> reporter: this program as i mentioned is income based.
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it is free for folks who own homes in prince george's county, the elderly, disabled and families with children under 5 years old. to find out how you can get enrolled in this program, call the number on your screen. it's 301-883-5491. coming up in my next report in about a half-hour, i'll let you know how you can save money even if you don't qualify for the program. mike, andrea? >> good advice. good news. thank you, delia. it is 5:07. time for the latest your money report of the morning. >> delia was watching your money and now jessica is watching your money. >> we're starting a brand new month. what a way to start. stocks just closed out their best january in 15 years. as for trading on the first day of february, we saw asian stocks heading higher. checking the numbers here at home, the dow stands this morning at 12,632. it dropped about 20 points in trading yesterday. nasdaq, though shined. it was up by 2 points. the s&p 500 was basically flat.
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for all of last month the dow was up by 4.4%. s&p 500 up by 3.4%. nasdaq surging 8%. how is this for a surprise? netflix is the best performing stock in the s&p 500 so far this year. >> a huge turn around. >> helping the performance is the fact it got slaughtered. next next was pummel -- netflix was pummeled last year after following a 50% hike. amazon disappointed wall street with a 57% drop in quarterly earnings. sales were also a billion dollars light. the steep price cut for his kindle e-reader also hurt results. american airlines is expected to meet with its unions to lay out cost cutting plans. it's expected they'll have
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aircraft flown overseas for maintenance at a lower cost facility. that's something most airliners already do like delta and southwest. it could cost thousands of u.s. jobs, something a lot of folks don't realize they go overseas. what's coming up in the next half-hour? >> how to file for free. maybe another reason to play hooky at work besides the beautiful temperatures. do your taxes, go golfing. >> i'm not feeling so well. >> thanks, jess. arrested and accused. what a teach der to violate the trust -- teacher did to violate the trust of his students and parents. an international call for the ousting of the syrian president. we're back in two minutes with your weather first.
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5:11. scattered light showers. grab the rain gear. not a bad day, especially this afternoon. mid up toker 60s. -- mid- to upper 60s. taking a look at the beltway in college park near route 1 and coming around the bend past 95 into silver spring and 270, all lanes are open and volumes are light. in my next report, more on area roadways coming up in a few minutes. back to you, mike.
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here's a look at some of the other things making news. the u.s. and its allies are trying to get russia to back a u.n. security council resolution to demand the immediate resignation of syria's president. secretary of state hillary clinton warned tuesday that syria's violent crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators is pushing that country to the brink of civil war. russia has veto power. it's worried a union draft measure could lead to military interventions. an american muslim group has appealed to iran's top leaders to show clemency for a military translator who has been sentenced to death. amir mirzaei hekmati has dual citizenship in america and iraq. he was sentenced to death after being accused of being a u.s. spy. the former los angeles elementary schoolteacher is in jail accused of sexually molesting nearly two dozen
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children. officials say 61-year-old mark berndt blindfolded, gagged, placed cockroaches on kids' faces during school hours at the miramonte elementary school in los angeles. the washington capitals travel to tampa without alex ovechkin. the patriots wide receiver wes walker discusses tom brady's hair. why? we're back in two minutes with your weather first. so strike while the iron's hot. starting at $4.99. only at denny's. america's diner is always open.
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to welcome back to 9news. we ask what's going on with all the cold weather not coming here. >> we're going to cool down but the pattern this winter has not favored cold air. a lot of people are okay with that. skiers, ski operators not so great. but we have another very warm day. i was going to say january day but february has started. we'll be well above the afternoons. averages in the mid-40s once again. probably about 20 above that. here's a look at your bus stop forecast on this wednesday morning, february 1, 2012. scattered showers. you need a little rain gear this morning. maybe a rain jacket or umbrella. with temperatures in the 50s, don't need much of a jacket. it is a very mild morning. our day planner calls for the threat of those showers through mid, maybe late morning, especially south and east of
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town as we get toward the middle of the day. we'll start to clear out some this afternoon. by 1:00 62. a little more sun later this afternoon. 65 at 3:00 with highs today mid- to upper 60s. winds out of the southwest at about 10 miles an hour. it will start to turn westerly late and northwesterly tonight as the front slips through. so today will be the last day we'll see the 60s for a while. 5:00 p.m. temperature still 62 degrees. last night had some showers develop, push on through, especially south of town. then right now look at all the green we've got right on top of the washington metro. of course much of the region. a few showers out to the west toward front royal and out across parts of fauquier county, back to rapahannock county. culpeper you'll see that up and down from frederick to baltimore back to annapolis and d.c., we've got the showers out there. most of these showers are fairly light. occasionally you get a moderate shower and it's -- i'm going to zoom in here and show you that. anne arundel county. see the little bit of yellow
5:18 am
not far from bwi? that's a more moderate shower. also have some near 195 and 29 here. that's coming off toward the east now pulling away from 95. more showers again through at least mid-morning on and off. temps are way up there. college park is 54. it's 55 in crofton. some 40s out to the west in leesburg and lovettsville. haymarket 51. a 54 reston. spring field 51. in washington we've got good visibility in spite of some light showers. looking good on our weather camera this morning. 51 degrees. south, southwesterly winds at 7. dew points in the mid-30s and the relative humidity at 56%. there's the batch of showers and rain that we're looking at now but there's still more stuff in ohio and kentucky. that's ahead of that cold front which is just slicing through parts of ohio andeanian.
5:19 am
colder -- and indiana. colder air behind it. temperatures are going to stay in the 60s for highs once again but here come the showers through mid-morning. by noon, look, southern maryland, the northern neck, eastern shore may see a few lingering showers but we should generally be done with most of this rain activity i think by 9:00, 10:00. later this afternoon 4:00 notice the breaks here. any rains coming tonight and tomorrow looks like they're going to stay south of d.c. fredericksburg, southern maryland south and i'm thinking more st. mary's than charles or anne arundel oracle vert counties -- or calvert counties with the rain. today we're looking at 66. morning showers. showers south tomorrow. friday 52. then your weekend looks pretty quiet. maybe a shower saturday night into sunday morning. monika? if you're planning to head around town or out the door at this time, things are looking great. there are no big problems to report. volumes remain light as well all around town. good morning, everybody.
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here's what it looks like on the west side down to the dulles toll road and 66. you're fine. coming in from the west whether heading in from leesburg or gainesville, all lanes are open right over to the beltway on both of those major corridors. we'll take a live look at the american legion bridge on the west side of town. things look great basically between bethesda and tysons corner here. we'll go back over to the maps this time all the way down to southern maryland. no problems to report route 5, route 4, 3 on 1 all the way to the beltway you'll be fine, near andrews air force base and oxon hill to the bridge. as you leave route 2 heading toward annapolis and 97, everything is fine to the beltway. one last look back at our graphics. if you're planning to use public transportation, metro, marc and vre are all running on time. more on the area roadways coming up in a few minutes. we want to take another look at our question of the day. the average american encounters 270 of these a day. is it a, commercials, b, web
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pages, or c, people? >> well, one of our facebook friends wrote c, people, because let's face it, it's just a nice way of saying it is. log on to the pusa9 face -- wusa9 facebook page and leave your response.
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you like taking that walk outside yesterday afternoon? you'll probably do it again
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this afternoon but this morning if you do it, you'll need an umbrella or rain jacket as we have light showers coming through. by 9:00 50 degrees. showers south and east. still a few out of the mountains. temperatures there in the 40s. we'll head toward noon. you'll notice still a couple of showers possible, especially south of d.c. but look at these temps. we'll be pushing 60 once again. a little more sunsun this afternoon. -- sunshine this afternoon. partly sunny, temps in the mid- 60s with highs today mid up toker 60s. back -- mid- to upper 60s. back to you. the capitals look for a victory on the road. >> the patriots and the giants have some fun at super bowl media day. it's always a riot when you hear the crazy answers. we have more. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. you know, up to this point the caps have won just eight measly road games all season. starting last night, back-to- back away games against divisional foes. both without alex ovechkin who is suspended. dale hunter and the caps visiting tampa, an exciting game last night. third period caps down 3-2.
5:25 am
tampa turns over the puck. troy makes them pay tying things up. own this ot, a great save but a minute later steven campos on the rebound. scores. lightning win 4-3 in overtime. a heartbreak. super bowl media day yesterday. you can see why this is considered a spectacle. look at all those people. you can see the patriot players kind of mixed in a little bit. media day isn't so much about football. there's tom brady taking in the sights. took some time to take some pictures. they asked the players some stupid questions. one asked tom brady about his hairstyles over the years. >> that is twilight. that's tom brady twilight. that's sunshine from -- remember the titans, yeah,
5:26 am
sunshine. that's great. >> having fun. the giants there posing for a team picture. eli manning has a chance to surpass his brother in a number of super bowl rings and do it in the city that peyton basically built. manning says that is the furthest thing from his mind this week. >> i'm not looking at the fact that, you know, coincidence this is where peyton has played his career. it's the fact i'm trying to go out there and play my best and get a championship for the new york giants. >> that's a quick look at your sports. have a great wednesday, everybody. online gaming may end before it officially begins in the district. virginia lawmakers approve a new bill which could slow down the work on the dulles extension project. we're back in about three minutes.
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happy wednesday. >> it is february 1. andrea during the break was dancing. reminds me of that saturday night live skit. i'm andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. here's monika samtani teaching us -- it's a long story. >> yeah, it's a long story. >> we have to set up a web cam during commercial breaks. let's get to weather. we've got some showers out there. if you only knew what you were missing. showers out there this morning. temperatures really mild. it's not cold. it's in the 50s already. we're shooting into the mid up toker 60s. our day planner, got some showers around this morning. probably through mid, late morning. may linger a little past noon south and east of town but by then, temperatures will be pushing 60. this afternoon mid- to upper 60s with a 5:00 p.m. temperature under partly sunny skies around 62 degrees. right now light rain and 51. you can see right here, we've got the showers that are pushing through. but also more showers in west virginia, kentucky, ohio and pennsylvania. so that's why i think that threat for some showers at
5:31 am
least will be with us for several more hours. scattered showers. most of them are light. you see them right on top of the metro. a coupling gearing to the west in -- couple lingering to the west in fauquier county. the heaviest stuff is east of bwi pulling into the bay. that's a hefty shower. locally just some light to moderate showers making things a little wet out there and a quick look at temps before i go. 48 in leesburg. that's our cool spot locally but it's 57 in luray and annapolis and 51 reagan national. here's monika with time saver traffic. i love that. i took a nice walk yesterday and i think we can do the same today. no issues to report on the beltway. we'll zoom to 95 coming out of baltimore. you're going to be okay. same story on the bw parkway. there is an accident just reported at route 450 at 410. let's take a look outside. if you're planning to head over to the beltway at new hampshire avenue, this is what it looks like for you on the outer loop
5:32 am
of the beltway leaving 95 and past new hampshire avenue into silver spring. the volume just now beginning to build a bit. we'll go back out to the maps and this time we'll take a look at 270 coming out of frederick. you know you've got the normal volumes as you leave frederick toward clarksburg. then you'll be fine. we'll take a live look if you're planning to head all the way down to falls road. just the volume building but no big deal or delays to report as you head down to the point where the lanes divide. we'll take a peek into virginia at 5:40. >> thank you. mitt romney is one step closer toward the republican presidential nomination. >> he is indeed. last night he scored a huge victory in florida's primary. took nearly half the votes in the state. susan mcginnis has more. >> reporter: mitt romney is already talking like the g.o.p. nominee. >> my leadership will end the obama era and begin a new era of american prosperity. >> reporter: last night the former massachusetts governor cruised to victory in florida taking nearly half of the vote. he thanked his supporters
5:33 am
before blasting president obama. >> mr. president, you were elected to lead. you chose to follow. and now it's time for you to get out of the way. >> reporter: florida marks romney's second primary win. he's expected to get secret service protection by thursday, the only current candidate to have it. despite winning less than a third of the vote, newt gingrich is vowing to fight on. he spoke at a podium that read "46 states to go." >> we are going to contest every place and we are going to win and we will be in tampa as the nominee in august. >> reporter: for the first time this election season, exit polls show a gender gap. female voters backed romney in droves helping him to a double- digit win. rick santorum and ron paul skipped florida to campaign out west. in nevada santorum urged his opponents to ease up on their attacks. >> what we saw in the last few weeks in the state of florida is not something that's going to especial us win this election. >> reporter: paul who finished
5:34 am
fourth called romney after his win. >> i congratulated him. he ran a good campaign. but i also said i would see him soon in the caucus states. >> reporter: romney is also expected to do well in the next five contests beginning with the nevada caucuses on saturday. susan mcginnis, cbs news, tampa, florida. 5:34 now. after becoming the first jurisdiction to legalize online gaming, efforts are ready under way to kill the program even before it launches. d.c. council members claim they didn't really realize they'd approved it in the first place. councilman jack evans says he plans to kill the bill in committee but acknowledges he will probably vote to repeal the ban on online gambling when it comes to a vote before the full council. evans expects to be joined by several other lawmakers. state senators in virginia have approved a bill which would with hold about $150 million in funding if the dulles rail project. the washington examiner says the bill is intended to prevent the metropolitan washington airports authority from
5:35 am
requiring that contractors use union friendly project labor agreements. a similar bill also passed the house of delegates and governor bob mcdonnell is promising to sign the bill into law. a new program in prince george's county is promising to save homeowners thousands of dollars on their energy costs. >> saving thousands not bad, right? even if you don't qualify for the program, we have simple steps this morning you can do to save money on your next bill right away. delia goncalves is live to explain how you can keep that cash from going right out the window. >> reporter: that's right. homeowners can thank the department of energy for this program. it is a free income-based program. the department of energy dolling out millions of dollars to make sure this happens and that our residents and our neighbors are taken care of during the cold winter months. but really this applies for all seasons, whether you're trying to keep your house warm or turning on the ac. crews are getting in the nooks and crannies working to weatherize this home in prince
5:36 am
george's county. and save mary thousands of dollars on her energy bill. >> that's money that you can have to put food on the table and do other things that meet their particular daily needs. >> we need to take advantage of what we can get to help us survive through the hard times. >> reporter: even if you don't qualify for the free income- based program, there are still ways you can save money and insulate your home. in fact, experts say there are 250 ways to weatherize your home. first, it's easy. start by sealing around the windows and any cracks in exterior walls, especially in the basement. foam insulation around your pipes and a special tape and plaster to seal any possible leaks in your heating system are quick and permanent fixes. it takes a little elbow grease, but it's worth the money literally. it absolutely is. thousands of dollars off your energy bill. i got some great tips of my money that i wanted to bring home to weatherize my home and
5:37 am
save some money. we can all use that nowadays. this applies of course for people who live in prince george's county, a free income- based program. the number on your screen is what you want to call if you want to enroll to see if you can apply for this program. 301-883-5491. a lot of the items that we showed you in that piece, you can pick up at your local hardware store and take care of it. it's a saturday project and you'll have some fun and when you see that bill at the end of the month, you'll probably have a little more fun actually. coming up in my next live report, i'll let you know exactly what you need to do step by step to go through this process to qualify for the program. back to you, mike, andrea. >> all right. delia reporting live from outside the department of energy. time for your money report. >> jessica is back with bad news for prince george's county. >> that's right. maryland is dealing with a $1.1 billion shortfall. a lot of things are on the table, a lot of things we talked about, more taxes for
5:38 am
consumers, for example. now maryland governor martin o'malley is suggesting that the counties pick up half the costs of teacher pensions. the washington examiner reports that means that prince george's county could be on the hook for nearly $100 million annually in a decade. the county says it's going to fight that idea. it's dealing with its own budget shortfall problems right now. prince george's county has the highest foreclosure rate in the state and has decimated property values, the county's main source of revenue. today is free file day. the internal revenue service is offering a chance for people to file their taxes for free in collaboration with services like turbo tax, tax act, hr block and jackson hewitt. you can find more details on if you were an earlier filer this year, good for you but don't spend the tax refund all that fast. if you file before january 26, the refund check is going to be a little bit late. the i.r.s. says new safeguards were put in place to detect fraud and that
5:39 am
is slowing refunds. if you filed after the 26th or on the 26th you are okay. >> sounds good. thanks, jess. a deadly snowstorm with temperatures as low as negative 30 is tearing through parts of eastern europe. a new campaign stepping up asking men to take a stand against domestic violence. we're also back with your weather first. that's two minutes away. stay with us.
5:40 am
5:41 am
5:41. 51 degrees. we have some showers out there. we'll have scattered showers for the next several hours. midday things will get drier except south and east it will linger. this afternoon sun returns. i'll be back with the seven-day forecast in just a few. on the inbound side of i- 66, things looking great out of gainesville. a little slow here in centreville. then the pace improves again into fairfax and the beltway. we'll have more on virginia roadways coming up once again at 5:48. back to you.
5:42 am
>> thank you, monika. at 5:42 here's a look at some things making news now. a severe cold snap in europe. at least 60 people have died over the last week, many from hypothermia. they were homeless people living on the streets. in the ukraine temperatures plunged close to minus 30, the coldest in six years. forecasters say the extreme weather will keep battering europe through the end of the week. it sounds like science fiction but researchers have figured out how to listen to your thoughts. a new study at berkley tracked brain activity as people listened to normal conversation. researchers looked at that activity and were then able to predict the words a person was thinking. doctors say this could be a huge step for people who can't speak like patients who suffered a stroke or who have lou gehrig's disease. pretty cool. it is 5:42. let's see who's celebrating a birthday today. he played george jefferson. he's 74.
5:43 am
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. 5:46. we're starting a new month with an incredible forecast and a little rain out there but don't dampen your spirits because of that. >> if you like to get outside, this afternoon will be drier. not that it will be very wet this morning but it will be drier and very mild once again. >> what i noticed too, you look at lawns and usually this time of the year everything is brown. lots of green lawns. >> what helped too, all the rain we had in september and october got us healthy going in. and we've not had a lot of cold. there should be a beautiful looking lawn at your house come
5:47 am
april the way things are going. go have showers out there and our bus stop forecast, we have showers scattered about and a mild start. most temperatures are in the 50s this morning. a couple have slipped to 48, 49 but really a very mild air mass in place. sunrise 7:15. it sets at 5:29. almost 5:30. the day planner, the clouds and the showers scattered about this morning. 50 degrees or so at 9:00. maybe some low 50s. as we head towards lunch time, though, any showers should now be south and east of town, 59 degrees. some areas will already be in the low 60s. more sunshine this afternoon. 5:00 p.m. partly to mostly sunny, 62 with highs in the mid to perhaps upper 60s once again today like yesterday. yesterday dulles set a record at 66. look at the rain that's moved in during the last few hours right on top of us. starting to pull out of montgomery county. but there are more showers out to the west. we've got to get through this. that's going to take -- it's 5:47 now. could take another five or six hours before we start to see drier air for the afternoon.
5:48 am
not that it's very wet but on live doppler 9 hd, you can see the showers from the i-95 corridor east. heaviest stuff upper part of the bay. montgomery county west side, northwest side you're starting to clear out. loudoun, you're relatively clear except for the light shower here in the eastern part of the county approaching sterling and ashburn this a little while. still showers in fairfax. down 95 into prince william county as well. from charles county northward up 301 in through anne arundel and much of prince george's county, just some light showers is what we're dealing with this morning. very mild readings. the low to mid-50s. 56 in upper marlboro. columbia dipped to 49. leesburg is by far the cold spot at 45. outside in washington we've got good visibility. the capitol dome looking good with 51 degrees. the wind out of the south, southwest at 7 so that's still a mild breeze for us. dew points in the 30s. one batch of showers here. more showers here with a little front out to our west. that comes through bringing us
5:49 am
some cooler weather but any chances for rain tonight, tomorrow look like they'll be south of d.c. so today mid if not upper 60s with showers this morning. tonight and tomorrow a couple showers mainly south. only 52 tomorrow and friday more sunshine. we start in the 30s on friday. the weekend will cool into the upper 40s to around 50. could be a shower early sunday and another system could bring us a few showers monday night into tuesday morning with temps back above 50. amazing. here's monika. unbelievable. it's been great. there's not been much to complain about traffic wise either. good morning, everybody. take a look at the beltway behind me. you've got green all around. that means things are looking great. no problems to report on 66. it's just going to slow down now out of manassas and centreville. then route 50 to 123. those are your two slow stretches here. no problems on the dulles toll road. tysons along route 7, no problems to report as you head through tysons on route 7 or
5:50 am
route 123. again things are looking good right here at international drive in tysons corner. back over to the map this time to the northbound side of i-95. initial delays across the occoquan river. then it's newington into springfield. we take a live look at springfield. as you can see the brake lights begin here. we'll go to 395 live which slows down right here in landmark. in my next report, maryland roadways at 6:01. it's the number one health concern for women. it's not cancer. it is domestic violence. joining me now to talk about a special initiative to combat domestic violence is a good friend of 9news now, james brown. you know him from cbs sports. good morning. >> andre yarks andrea, it is always good to talk to you. >> jb, this is a serious conversation because with the super bowl, a lot of hype. we're all talking about the game and what to eat with the game but there are numbers that show before the game, during the game, after the game
5:51 am
domestic violence against women goes up. what do you know about that? >> that's very sad to hear too, andrea. we at verizon and i'm working with verizon on this national campaign trying to use this platform to educate folks in general and men in particular in materials of what they can do, trying -- terms of what they can do, trying to change the definition of what a healthy manhood is all about. i guess the two key words to keep in mind is it's about respect and equality. >> being educated. do you really believe that man can make a long lasting healthy change? >> andrea, i do believe that there is the ability to change and while women have been so actively engaged with this since the beginning, it is crucial that men get involved. we've got to change our conversation from something as small as not speaking words that tend to devalue women or again as i mentioned before, treating them as property. in the world of sports we're so
5:52 am
accustomed to hearing a guy who may throw a pass and say you throw like a little girl. we need to change that i'm happy to see verizon has engaged a number of coaches specifically in the state of texas to put together a playbook to help young men understand and respect what qee quality is all about -- equality is all about. >> any prediction about ho is -- who is going to come out on top? >> talking about team efforts, working with you has always been a wonderful team aspect. >> jb, you're the best of the enjoy the game on sunday. >> thank you so very much. god bless and your family, andrea. >> thank you. same to you. >> he totally dodged the question. come on, jb. >> he was focused. >> great cause. great cause. time to take another look at the question of the day before we head to break. the average american encounters 270 of these every day. is it a, commercials, b, web pages, or c people.
5:53 am
>> here's a look at a response you posted on our facebook fan page. jennifer said a considering most people don't get -- do get three-quarters -- three -- considering most people probably get three-quarters of tv a day. you are watching 9news now.
5:54 am
5:55 am
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5:55. we're looking at scattered light showers out there for the most part this morning. that will be the case again as we head through even 9:00 and noon. by noon, though, much of the activity is going to be well south of d.c. toward fredricksburg, pacs river toward southern st. mary's county, the lower eastern shore and these temperatures will be in the upper 50s to around 60. a little more sun this afternoon. 65 at 3:00. highs today mid- to upper 60s but this will be the last 60s. cooler air is moving our way. i'll have pore on that during 9news -- more on that during 9news now at 6:00 a.m. we have some really cool stories about black history month. here's one. time for another look at one of the history maker. you can say thank you to joseph lee for inventing the best thing since sliced bread. get this. lee invented the automatic bread making machine. the device mixes the ingredients, needed the doe and
5:57 am
dropped the -- dough and dropped the cost of bread increasing production. he also invented a machine that made bread crumbs. to find out more about african- americans who made history and all the events happening in our area, log on to click on the black history month icon and check out the great section we have. >> it's really a wonderful section. mayor vincent gray helped kick off a special black history month event. as part of the event, young people are portraying black historical figures including martin luther king, jr. and rosa parks. the actual performance of the sixth annual blacks in wax takes place on friday, february 24. there's another program at the kennedy center on saturday, march 3. grammy nominee adele makes her on stage comeback. >> comedian steve colbert's big bucks. we have those stories and more in this look of entertainment news. >> reporter: british songtress
5:58 am
adele is making her comeback performance, the first in nearly five months. she had surgery on her vocal cords and had to cancel a u.s. tour. she's up for six grammys. they air live on cbs on february 12. singer/songwriter neil young is on a mission for higher fidelity digital song. he said the late steve jobs was on his side. he spoke to jobs about creating a format that's 20 times better than most current digital options including mp3. he says even though jobs was a digital pioneer, he listened to vinyl at home. debbie reynolds has more to tell. the 79-year-old reynolds is releasing another memoir next year. it's called "unsinkable" and will include her third husband's betrayal which left her bankrupt. she also reveals details about her first marriage to eddie fisher. he left reynolds for their best friend screen legend elizabeth
5:59 am
taylor. late night comedian steven colbert has raised more than $1 million for his super pack. he's been asking his viewers for donations trying to pointdz out what he calls -- points out what he calls the absurdity of campaign finance law. thank you for watching 9news now. it's 6:00 a.m. good morning. happy wednesday. i'm andrea roane. over a million bucks. why don't you say we start a super pack. i'm mike hydeck. glad you're ear. here is monika samtani. she has traffic. >> we vote for howard bernstein. >> there are restrictions on how you use it. >> if you watch, there are-- >> maybe not enough. weather wise what another winter of a day we're going to have. temperatures well into the 60s once again. this morning we have some showers we're dealing with. they're fairly light and scattered about but nothing horrible. by noon near 60. this afternoon more sunshine, 62 at 5:00 with highs mid to the upper 60s today. another 20 degrees or so


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